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CEO of She Selfish Ashley Browning spreading awareness and positivity

Entrepreneur, Author,

Self-Care Strategist,

HIV Stigma Breaker,

Sexual Health Educator, Community Activist

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The Community Crusader, Self Care Influencer, and Sexual Health Educator, Ashley N. Browning, is a native daughter of Dayton OH. She is an advocate for the vulnerable, underserved and forgotten. Through her non-profit organization, SoLoved, started in 2013 she has been able to physically, emotionally and spiritually empower the local Dayton community through outreach initiatives. The organizations focal scripture, John 3:16, For God SO LOVED the world that HE gave…; empowers Ashley daily, to give when it’s not convenient and consistently display selflessness through adversity.

In 2018, Ashley began her Self-Care journey and challenged herself to vibrate on a higher frequency in every area of her life. On her journey to live holistically, mind, body and soul she wanted to create a space for other black women to do the same. Self Care Ain’t Selfish, was birthed out of a need to promote wholeness, awareness and education around self-care. Self Care Ain't Selfish is a statement of empowerment and realization meant to inspire you to care for yourself and operate from a place of overflow rather than depletion. Ashley is leading the charge of Self Care as a lifestyle, rather than a fleeting action. In her newest endeavor, She Selfish, Ashley seeks to continue to Empower through Self Care Coaching and Sexual Health Education. 

Ashley holds a professional role as an Adjunct Professor at Wright State University, specializing in Women and Gender Studies and Sexuality, alongside being a Certified Life Coach and Yoni Steam Practitioner.

Ashley, the founder of She Selfish, smiling confidently.

Prioritizing self-care is honoring your divine commitment to yourself.

Ashley N. Browning

Ashley, the founder of She Selfish, smiling confidently.

As an advocate of education, Ashley received her BA in Criminal Justice from Kentucky State University, a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Kentucky and certification in Chemical Dependency from Union College. Most recently, she completed a graduate certificate in Non-Profit Administration from Wright State University. 


The community of Dayton, OH and all who have been blessed by Ashley are in celebration of her amazing and inspiring work. She has received countless awards from prestigious community organizations and has previously served on the boards of multiple Non-Profit Organizations. While currently serving on 3 boards for self- care promotion, health equity and minority health. 

Most notably, she was inducted as one of the 40 under 40 from Kentucky State University and the Dayton Business Journal.


When asked what continues to motivate Ashley to serve her community, she notes the legacy of her grandfather, Harry C. Browning.

Self-care isn't a task to check off; it's the rhythm that shapes a fulfilling life.

Ashley N. Browning

Self-care isn't a privilege; it's the vital foundation of well-being.

Ashley N. Browning

Areas of Coaching: 

  • Self Care

  • Sexual Health

  • Self Love/Self Acceptance 

  • Mindfulness/Meditation

  • Mental Health

  • Womb Wellness

She Selfish business logo: A stylized depiction of the company name in bold, elegant lettering with a subtle gradient effect


  • Life Coach

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Mental Health

  • Chemical Dependency

  • Case Management

  • Yoni Steam Practitioner  

Ashley, the founder of She Selfish, smiling confidently.
Ashley, the founder of She Selfish, smiling confidently.
Ashley, the founder of She Selfish, smiling confidently.
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