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Must Read!

Sis! Are you ready to read? This book is A NEW KIND OF SEX ED. Pussy Prayers is about rekindling the connection to your pleasure center - the space through which you manifest worlds - regardless of the body parts you do or don't have. These pages speak to the unique sexual experiences of Black women and femmes in order to help them heal from trauma and miseducation while learning how to powerfully conjure up a life that is dripping with sweetness - all by getting in touch with the one part of yourself that was divinely designed for pleasure. Here, you'll find stories, sister-girl-talk, and practical, easy-to-do rituals to begin your personal journey of understanding the importance of pleasure, its connection to manifestation, and ways to increase your personal power so you can enjoy #EverydayDeliciousness. BLACK GIRL BLISS is an educational platform dedicated to cultivating the spiritual, sexual, and self-care practices of Black women and femmes. Learn more at

Must Listen!

Sis ! After you read the book, next listen to this podcast about Pussy Prayers.

The Professional Homegirl Podcast™ is an informative podcast that interviews women anonymously on stories that will enlighten and expand on taboo topics. This podcast aims to show the full range of women of color living full lives that they have worked to have.

This episode of The PHG Podcast, the podcast host, Ebone' Beauty

 interviewed the anonymous author of Pussy Prayers: Sacred and Sensual Rituals for Wild Women of Color. In this episode, you will hear the author's story on how she grew to love her body after childhood trauma and later used it for inspiration in writing this book. She discussed the importance of listening to your body and rituals to take better care of it. Lastly, my favorite part, the overall history of the most important gift to

the world: The Vagina. Learn more at

Self-Care is political warfare
-Audre Lorde