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Boosting your InnerG with Detoxing

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Benefits of Detoxing

1. Release toxins from your body

2. Helps with weight loss

3. Boosts your InnerG and promotes clearer thinking

Do you look at what you eat as a form of self-care? Our bodies use food to keep our blood sugar stable, giving us more energy, better mental focus, and emotional stability throughout the day. Detoxing is a way to use food as a form of self-care by eliminating Waste or toxins from your body. Many of us set intentions to detox for weight loss, but did you know that detoxing, when done correctly and for the right reasons, cleanses physical, mental, and spiritual Waste from our body. Physical Waste is when toxins are released from the body, and you lose pounds or inches. Mental Waste is when you release toxic emotions or trauma from the body, while Spiritual Waste releases toxic feelings stored in the body.

I've completed six detoxes in the last 14 months. Each time I did lose weight but what I find more fulfilling is identifying what I have become attached to mentally, physically, and spiritually and discovering what may be holding me back from tapping into my InnerG. During my most recent detox, I noted what type of cravings I was experiencing, and I realized that my cravings centered around spicy and crunchy food. Dr. Afrika's book, written by Dr. Llaila Afrika, 'African Holistic Health,' breaks down how our cravings are tied to our emotions and how specific types of food soothe an emotion we are experiencing or masking. For instance, the book explains how my craving for spicy and crunchy food indicates I have anger issues. Craving sweets show unresolved issues with giving and receiving love, Bready food cravings (cakes, pies, brownies) link to emotional stress from unresolved childhood issues, and Chewy foods relieve anxiety and pressure. I discovered I had been masking unresolved anger from childhood. I then realized I needed to address these emotions to break the pattern of overindulging in spicy and crunchy foods. Detoxing brings on a level of awareness in how habitual eating has become for us. Many of us do not eat for hunger. We eat for pleasure. When detoxing, the absence of perpetual pleasure-seeking (in all forms) exposes us to the emotions we are masking with our habits. This exposes us to who we truly are. This is where detoxing not only allows you to shed weight, but more importantly, detoxing becomes a tool for releasing Waste mentally, physically, and spiritually and increasing your vibration toward success. Detoxing for Waste loss has allowed me to assess myself to discover and release toxic energy and weight.

Detoxing for Waste Loss tips

1.) Focus on consuming raw fruits or vegetables for the desired period. This provides your body with vital minerals you need to trigger action for cleansing and stabilizes the body during the absence of food. Eating raw fruits and vegetables in a juice or smoothie aids the absorption process and puts less stress on the body.

2.) Detox from Media. Detox to focus on reconnecting with yourself and the things that make you happy. Detach from Social media and TV during your detox and focus on consuming knowledge that allows you to grow towards achieving your goals. Focus on reading or listening to books, podcasts, and YouTubers who inspire you to keep learning and growing. Suggested topics: Self-care, Finances, transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle

3.) Write a dump list. This is a technique I received from my mentor; Orisha Oshun with I Am Serving Vegan. Writing a dump list provides a starting point to discover and release toxic energy that holds us back from our InnerG. Choose a couple of your responses to journal about. Try to identify what current or past (childhood) experiences contributed to those thoughts, actions, and emotions you listed. This exercise provides you a starting point for journaling, discussions with your therapist, or inner child healing practices.

Step 1. Take out a sheet of paper and draw three lines to create three sections.

Step 2. Label section one MIND. In this section, you will answer the following question:

What toxic thoughts do I think about Myself, others, and the World?

Example: "I don't look good in this dress," "why am I so dark," "I don't like my hair type"

Step 3. Label Section two SPIRIT. In this section, you will answer the following question:

What toxic feelings do I have?

Example: I am often in fear, sadness, anger, self-doubt, neglect of self-care

Step 4. Label section three BODY. In this section, you will answer the following question:

What toxic environments am I engaged in?

Example: List the toxic foods you eat (Ice Cream, Sweets, Spicy) and the toxic environments you engage in (negative family/friends, social media, Night clubs)

Reference Language

- Detoxing focuses on removing toxins from the overall body

- Cleansing focuses on digestive health, eliminating Waste from the digestive system

- Emotion is how the body responds to something

- Feelings are how you feel about something

- Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience

Adrian Plant Bay |Owner | Plant Bay ReMedi

Plant Baysed Lifestyle and Detox Coach

Handles: (IG & FB) Plant Bay Remedi



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