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Morning Routine

I believe that everyone should have a morning routine. Most times we have a morning routine without actually thinking it's a routine. Some tasks we do in the morning after getting out of bed are brushing our teeth, washing our faces, making our beds, etc.

What Is My Morning Routine?

I get up at 9:00 am/ 9:15 am every morning. I start off with my devotions, prayers, and meditation. I drink water and walk my dog. Then I eat breakfast, have apple cider vinegar, Seasmoss, Elderberry Syrup and I take my vitamins. After breakfast, I start my skincare routine which I do every other day. I use Et'cetera Skincare Kit, which is a 3 piece kit (Cleansing Tea, Repair Serum, and Silk Cream). See how simple my routine is?

Other Morning Routine Tasks

  • Schedule your bedtime

  • Cultivate appreciation

  • Make tea or coffee to start your morning

  • Set a positive focus from the start

  • Feed your brain

Are you ready to have a productive day? Map out your morning routine starting today! You got this! Share your morning routine with a comment below!



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