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Self Care/ Self Love Discovery

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Hello Beautiful Ladies

I would like to encourage you ladies as you embark on the journey to self care. Hoping that you will find yourself selfishly loving yourself on purpose by doing whatever makes you feel happy. I’ll be the first to admit that starting off was not easy. Especially when you’re the pitcher who has been selflessly pouring into others, and now it’s your turn to pour back into yourself. Which is why I mentioned “selfishly”. Though it will feel that way starting off, the journey does get easier, so CHEERS to you ladies and let the journey begin!

From my POV Self-care requires two main ingredients: self-love, and self-respect. How you love and respect yourself will take you far on your journey, and with these two, you can never go wrong. Garnishing yourself with those special ingredients are the blueprint and foundation for teaching others how to tend to our gardens, it also helps to create boundaries and limitations on what we let in and what needs to be restricted. Self-care will also consciously bring awareness to your emotions, habits and the way you respond to yourself. It’s really a job, that nobody can do but you, and if it’s done right you’ll benefit in the end. However, by any means necessary, do what works best for you. Because there is not “one thing” in particular when it comes to self-care. Just make sure you’re doing things for yourself and not the instant gratification from others. It’s a beautiful journey… Enjoy!

Here are some of the ways i like to pour back into myself.

● Securing myself in nature and grounding. I take my journal, pen and water and we date. There’s a lot of communicating in nature if we pay attention. Gratitude365 is my expression.

● I also love the float tank experience… it’s a stress reliever and is very therapeutic. It allows your creative juices to flow, and sends a sense of peace and relaxation throughout your body.

● I enjoy reading. which is something I’ve always enjoyed, but strayed away from. Reading reduces stress and relaxes the brain muscles.

● Doing nothing. I know, it may sound mundane for some especially since we live in a world that thrives off excitement. But doing nothing sometimes allows us to give our brains the rest it needs, and help us to do some reflecting. Environmental chaos is a thing, but calmness is a super power.

● Vacationing is another way to relax.

● I also like to doll myself up and take myself out for lunch or dinner. Why not, the best way to know anyone else is to know yourself. I enjoy meeting, and talking with others to learn and help me understand more about my likes and dislikes.

● I love shopping, and going to concerts. It’s another way to relieve stress and help to relax.

Latrice Curtis



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