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Self Care is Important

Hey Queen,

I want to remind you how important Self Care is. Self Care helps you get to know your body inside and out, especially expecting moms and moms going through postpartum. Self Care is taking care of your own needs, self care is mental, physical and spiritual. Self Care should never be an option but always necessary. I realized how important Self Care is after I delivered my baby at the age of 40. During my pregnancy Self Care was mandatory, whether it was getting a full 8 hours of sleep, drinking my herbal teas/water or even finding time to meditate. Taking time for Self, allowed me to learn every inch of my body inside and out. I became more productive at home and work. Once I started my routine, Self Care became a stand in appointment on my schedule. My Self Care journey started from the advice of my friend who started her Self Care journey.

  • Learn how to say NO! I know you want to be the superhero, but Queen L.I.G. (Let It Go)!  Unnecessary work ,stress/ baggage only gets in the way of your Self Care.

  • Just Do It! Don't wait for someone to give you permission . Self Care should be intentional not forced. Let everyone know this is my time and everything else is going to wait. Period!

Quiana Bickham



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